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About Us

With technology that has been developed over the past fou years, ABC Personal Financing launched its services to the public in 2008 first as USA Payday Forever.

ABC Personal Financing uses sophisticated technologies to connect qualified customers looking for lending with hundreds of quality lending institutions seeking quality and secure customer .

ABC Personal Financing does this through rigorous verification, and security that places our qualified customers with the appropriate lending institution.

Our mission is to provide our customers an advanced and secure  lending institution that will provide our customers with the highest quality experience possible.

Why Us?

  • Our state of the art technology generates real–time lending experiences for our customers, done through sophisticated techniques.
  • These sophisticated techniques also reduce fraud and improve accuracy and security for the lending institutions we recommend to the customers to, and vice versa.
  • We have safeguards in place that stop all unauthorized republishing of the information generated on our platform.
  • Customers have complete control if they want to accept an offer or not. Customers can specify any limit they desire on how much they borrow and trust ABC Personal Financing to meet their needs.