The Financial Narrative

by on June 24, 2013

Hi! I’m Helpy Hamlet!

Sure, I might look pink, cuddly, and cute, but the way I help you isn’t necessarily what you want to hear.  The real truth of the matter is that you might  found your way here because you don’t understand personal economics. You had some money difficulties, which lead you to ABC Personal Financing for a payday loan.

Today, I read in an article at that all of the 3 major stock exchanges took a hit. The article stated that, “investors were spooked when Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke hinted that the central bank might wind down its U.S. economic stimulus program later this year.”

I am fairly certain that such a speculation is aimed at an audience  that would read it and pretend they know what they are talking about in a meager attempt to look smarter.  This is the kind of stuff that breeds conspiracy theorists.

If correlation equaled causation, would that mean that Ben Bernanke has such a stranglehold on the economy that all he has to do to cause damage he simply has to make a public statement? Or would it be much more likely that the world economy is much more complicated than a man making decrees on high?

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